The Martin Jordan Eddyville Collection
Mr. Meyer Photographer
1920's and 1930's
K. Wick
I present these photos in honor of my friend Mr. Martin Jordan Jr. and his wife Beatrice Ellsworth Jordan of Saint Remy. Rest in peace. Your love of history will not be forgotten.

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Along Bridge 1924 Along Canal From South Side Auto on Canal Bridge 1924 Baldwins Ice Cream Parlor 1922 Blizzard Tow Path 1926
Along Bridge 1924.jpg Along Canal From South Side.jpg Auto on Canal Bridge 1924.jpg Baldwins Ice Cream Parlor 1922.jpg Blizzard Tow Path 1926.jpg
Bridge & Icehouse Jan 1923 Bridge entrance and Car 1924 Bridge from Sawmill 1922 Bus - Kingston to New Paltz 1924 Bus - Pierce Arrow
Bridge & Icehouse Jan 1923.jpg Bridge entrance and Car 1924.jpg Bridge from Sawmill 1922.jpg Bus - Kingston to New Paltz 1924.jpg Bus - Pierce Arrow.jpg
Bus near bridge 1924 Bus to NYC 1926 Canal Bridge & Balwins 1924 Canal Bridge & Bus 1922 Canal Bridge 1922
Bus near bridge 1924.jpg Bus to NYC 1926.jpg Canal Bridge & Balwins 1924.jpg Canal Bridge & Bus 1922.jpg Canal Bridge 1922.jpg
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