Benjamin Newkirk House at Thielpape Road and Hurley Mountain Road


Exterior Photos

Newkirk House Front

Interior Details

NW door facing northward. Nice early hardware.
The peak over the staircase showing hewn rafter tie and unusual ridge pole.

Main Fireplace
Staircase to second floor and entry to SW room.  Note the joint technique.
Man Fireplace in Front South Room.

Front Door looking Eastward..
This oven is in the cellar level.

Joint Detail of  rear addition to main house.  Note the inset wood and differing materials.
Can you guess what the materials are?
Front Room north wall. Notice that the upper joists are planed and thinner than might be expected.
This is similar to the revolutionary area VanAKen house in Satint Remy except that those beams are also beaded.

Quarter View From outside web site From  the website of the

Included to show the rear addition.

The author would like to have a larger photo.

Town of Hurley history page.

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