ca 1790 Bank House at 608 Main Street in Saint Remy


Exterior Photos

Martha Connelly ca 1875

Hilltop House & VanAken Bank House ca 1900

Photos of interior construction details

Second Floor showing stone infill. Wainscotting below plaster driectly on the stone.
Main Floor looking southwest. 1817 Addition at right.

Main Staircase.  3rf floor staircase is above (unseen).
"Secret Staircase", south side running west.

Left Side of wall behind former ground floor fireplace
Right side of wall behind former fireplace

Full width was approximately 5 feet. (Misplaced my notes)
Floor patch (second floor) where interior chimney stack was. 56" wide.

Joint Detail Main Floor Ceiling. 1817 Addition to left.
Looking into the main room ground floor. Ledger board is missing under floorboards of addition. Fireplace to left.

Closeup of above right photo. Note Wall post to right of mortise.
Half Dovetail joint linking second floor/loft post to ground floor summer beam.

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