The Saint Remy & Atkarton Railroad Co.

Incorporated January 2006 

Pseudo Random images of Atkarton Clove

Overview Mid Era

This is a view of the clove before installation of the iron bridge and mountain line track. There is still some detailing and backdrop touchup to be done.

Atkarton Clove 12-2007

This is the clove in December of 2007. Many of the details are now in place.

  early 2
Early 1
  The beginnings of the road up the hill. The Saint Remy main line track bed is in the foreground.
  Closeup of the future watercourse through the clove.
Clove 4
colve 5  
The clove begins to take shape
Falls and lower water course
clove 6 - the falls
clove 7 - bathers
Early closeup of the falls
The area is almost complete ... and just in the nick of time. Bathers have arrived.
parking area
upper falls
This is the upper parking area and the mountian road to Rosendale
These are the upper falls and the Atkarton trestle.
Upper Clove from iron bridge

A railfan took this photo while hanging on the outside of the iron bridge.
Please do not try this at home!
The bridge and trestle as seen from the site of the future midway station.

A rare triple train shot taken from Hillside lumber
Part of the same scene taken from a camera mounted on a weather balloon.

Clove from balloon

Another high altitude photo. Check out those skinny dippers!
Closeup of number 6278 from the roof of lumber shed 2.

Looking up at the trestle from the main line walking trail (Under the iron bridge).
Distant view of the Clove from the tower of Hilltop House Inn.
Road crew
The crew is repairing the dirt road served by the bridge while ...
... the carpenter is replacing dried out boards while a neighbor looks on.

Ready for creosote and tar
The old road The updated road

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