The Coxing Stone Works

The finest hand cut stone on the continent since 1742

Specializing in millstones, building stone, specialty cemetery monuments and all of your cut stone needs.

Our tailings can be used for ballast and the hardest road base anywhere.

Note: Newest Photos are toward the bottom of the page

Sunrise at Coxing Stone Works - May 2009 (1959)

Construction Photos

Main Quarry from escarpment
Main quarry in focus
View of the afternoon freight descending the escarpment. South quarry and Rock Hill are in the the background.
Similar view focusing on the quarry. Sure, the pink stone is for sale too. Scenery is progressing from right to left. The ledges at the right are where the men cut out stone blanks for processing.
Factory left
Factory right
Two early hawk's eye views of the stone works. Terrain around the buildings is in the early installation stage. At the rear left is the Walkill Valley interchange and the Atkarton main line (the sweeping curve behind the loading tower).
The hawk was circling so the images are a bit tipped. The Atkarton line runs through the rear tunnel, and a quarry siding exits the front tunnel. The track leading toward the right foreground is the quarry reverse loop.
from high bridge 1
From high bridge 2
This is the mountain top as viewed from the hawk's nest on the new bridge.
The purple lid in the left background is where track laying has paused. Below the truss bridge is the Saint Remy dual track main line. The tunnel is part of the abandoned "old railroad". There are rumors that the tunnel is haunted. Of course it might be just a few hobos protecting their turf.
The same scene slightly zoomed in. There remains a lot of "ground to cover". Pink ground that is.
Coxing from distance
This is the north eastern area of the quarry looking westward ...
... and this is the long view from the south west part of the layout.

I couldn't resist including one "clutter" shot. (It's the last one in case you didn't notice.)  The area in the right foreground will be completed last and will contain industrial and residential parts of town separated by a backdrop, plus a passenger station (out of sight to the right) and a 3 x 8 foot freight yard linking the two railroads. The inner loop is the Atkarton mountain reverse loop. The two outer loops are a small part of the 100 foot long main line. The yard area is currently used as a workbench.

Note: The Coxing area is obviously under construction. There are about 12 square feet of complex to go. The main line track through the mountain is in and so is the yard, but that part is not yet fully tweaked.

Main building
From High Bridge
The main factory building in December of 2006
The Scenery is filling in now. Compare with photo two rows above.
May 2007
From the farm road
Stone cutters 1
View from the farm road
Stonecutters on the south escarpment
Stonecutters up close
The Main plant
Stonecutters at the top of the ridge rough cutting blocks for final shaping at the factory.
The Main Factory Complex. Roofers are patching the holes on the far side.
Stone tipple
Rock for crusher  
Cars being filled from the crusher
Another load of random stone for the crusher
Master Craftsman
Happy Craftsman
Cutting millstones and corner stones
Tom smiles for the camera while he shapes a millstone
long view
Clearing rubble away from the siding.
A long View of the area. Black creek is to the left. (March 2009)
Tom again
On the cliffs
Closeup of the millstone trimmers.
Roughing out millstone blanks.

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