The Saint Remy & Atkarton Railroad Co.

Incorporated January 2006 

Dug Hill

Is the area covering my helix.  It is still under construction.

Generally, the newest photos are at the top of the page or to the right side.

Working on the log cabin
 A closer shot of the trestle
Coal Trestle

This is the coal trestle. Early autumn has arrived on the mountain and the locals are getting ready for chilly nights. This is where they will get their coal for heating.  It's also a supply for steamers in need of a little bit of sustenance.

Although the trestle is on a slight slope, the car stays firmly in place until pulled by a locomotive. The secret is a rare earth magnet inserted into the ties near the bumper. The magnet attracts the coupler and holds the car. 
later 1
Fitting the transition
Transition with first layer of foliage
early 2
later 2
Fitting the helix exit viewblock.
Some "dirt" has been applied.
mid 3
later 3
Scenery is progressing.
Closing in the south side.

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