The Saint Remy & Atkarton Railroad Co.

Incorporated January 2006 

On the Main Line

Random views - Newest at the Bottom

Night train leaving yard
Black Creek night
The night train leaves Rifton yard headed for the New York Central interchange at Kingston.
The night train passes the fishermen at Black Creek. Our photographer was there to meet them with lots of floodlights.
  Lumber Yard
Canoers on Black Creek
This early view of Hillside Lumber is from a canoe on Black creek.
An early view of the canoes from Hillside Lumber. Touche'
Westbound freight Atkarton curve
Black Creek
Westbound and Eastbound freights pass at Atkarton curve.
A morning freight passes Black Creek
Black Creek Bridge from Lumber Yard Siding
Black Creek bridge from the lumber yard spur - June 2007
Later in the day
Nick at lumber yard
Lumber building no1 - engineer's view
Lumber Yard building No. 2 (the "new" building) Point to zoom in - June 2007
Lumber building No. 1 as seen by the engineer. - June 2007

Views of Sue's Escarpment (mostly while under construction)

escarpment 1
Bear Rock
East end of Sue's Escarpment (Yes, that's real rock)
Bear Rock
Center of Sue's Escarpment
The Grotto under construction
long view
The Creator
It's over ten feet long and all hand laid stone (Dec 2006)
The Creator beginning her project (Spring 2006)

Additional Views - March 2009 - January 2012

Cars Passing
The New House
A "Typical" Scene near the abandoned tunnel.
Yes, there's a building boom in the suburbs.

Culvert Pipes emptying Atkarton Clove
O&W Freight House Interior. I need to use my film camera for this shot.

"Cemetery Curve"  The double track main line splits here. In the foreground is the O&W yard
The crossover and passing siding at from Eddyville to Atkarton. Yes, the switch rod support rods are oversized.

Shift Change at the Eddyville switch tower
Switch Rods at Eddyville

Track pans by day
Track pans by night
Lower quarry
upper quarry
Eddyville Bluestone (Lower Quarry) - under construction
Eddyville Bluestone (Upper Quarry) - under construction
Quarry 3
Two more views of the Eddyville Quarry under construction.

Pumphouse Eddyville Bridge
The Eddyville Pump House
The Saint Remy to Eddyville Bridge

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