The Saint Remy & Atkarton Railroad Co.

Incorporated January 2006 

On the Mountain Line 

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Approaching the iron bridge over Atkarton Clove
Closeup of the upper falls and tall spruce
Climbers to blackcaps
An intrepid explorer waves to the engineer high above
Rock climbers approaching the escarpment
The midday freight coming down the mountain above clove curve
Just a closer version of the same shot
A family of hikers approach a favorite picnic spot under the "Patent Chestnut". The old tree likes visitors and gives shade to a bench placed there by workers from the Coxing Stone Works. (background in next photo).
This sole remaining healthy American Chestnut tree stands at the junction of the Atkarton, Hurley and Mogowasinck Patents. Local Amerindians say that this spot is sacred and protected by the Great Spirit.
View from high bridge
Road to Quarry
The east mountain area as seen from the high bridge. {Link to farm / B&B page}
The road to Coxing Stone Works (Under construction).
Farm Pond
West end of Coxing Stone Works
Farm pond on Atkarton mountain as seen from the afternoon mixed run.
The Atkarton freight passes the northern end of Coxing Stone Works.
June 2007
Ten Pointer
View from south 40
Ten Pointer and family
View from the tractor while discing the south 40
Behind the hill
Upper Clove
The "back curve" on the mountain line.
Upper Atkarton Falls and the bear cave. We need a better car.
Workers on the High Bridge
Lookout Tower
Workers laying the last girders on the high bridge.
Railroad magnates K&S Wick on a hike. Sue is taking an "air bath".
(It's an Amerindian thing.)
Roof Repair
Coxing Supply Train
The roofers are industriously making much needed repairs at
Coxing Stone Works.
Supply Train to the Stoneworks
Ralph shoveling sawdust
The Mill shed and gin pole with boom. (Block and tackle will be arriving on the next train) To the rear is the narrow gauge track of the original SRA mountain line.
The lumber crew now uses it for hauling logs from the deep woods. That's Ralph rearranging the sawdust pile.  Ballast is coming soon.
Dragging in logs
Sawmill from west
Ed is dragging in more logs from the west end woodlots.
this area is locally known as Poppletown Pass.
The sawmill as seen coming from the west. (Point your mouse to zoom).
The windmill pumps water to a storage tank. It's nice to have a flushable toilet.
lumber crew 1
Steep Hillside
The full crew is now at work at Lumber Mill No. 1. (Point your mouse to zoom).
Work is almost complete on the steep hillside below Lumber Mill No. 1
For some reason, this shot reminds me of the old Catskill mountain top hotels.
cliffs left
cliffs right
These are two views of the cliffs below Lumber Mill No. 1. All of the trees on the layout except for the triangular ones in the background are homemade.
Jeep Trail
poppletown pass
Poppletown pass (an ancient road, now used as a jeep trail) to the left rear is nearing completion.
sawmill closeup1
March 2008
Another Angle

Train's gone/ Time to get these logs to the mill.

closeup engine
closeup cutter
The mechanic inspects the engine.
The Master Sawyer guides a large trunk into the blade.
Perspective of lumber camp
Old Trestle
August 2008 - To show how the n-scale components add perspective
Link to construction photos of the old trestle here

Update of March 2009

Helper Front
Helper Rear
Helpers on the long grade
Pulling Hard
East Escarpment Right
East Escarpment Left
The Eastern Escarpment
Eddyville Stone Upper

The upper quarry at Eddyville. Bluestone slabs await loading.
Installing new windows on the farm house

2011 Updates.

This is an overview shot of the Coxing Stone Works from above the farm. (Right)

Cutting millstones above the tunnel (distant focus)
Cutting millstones above the tunnel (close focus)

Wild Blaze roses in the spring
Forsythis in bloom

The road to Coxing Stone Works - early shot
See that dot?  It's a pileated woodpecker eating insects on a dead tree.

Similar Shot winter 2011
Another dot. The eagle is landing.

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