The Saint Remy & Atkarton Railroad Co.

Incorporated January 2006 

Interesting Mistakes


As a long term subscriber to Model Railroader© magazine I often marvel at the quailty of realism in the layouts pictured in MR and similar publications. These are truely masterpieces. I can say the same about a few of the layouts that I have visited personally.

Yet, occasionally even a masterpiece contains an oversight or unintentional flaw that catches my detail oriented eye. I present here some of these oops scenes as a kind of exercise judging the powers of observation of the viewer. Kind of a model railroader's "Where's Waldo".

   MR Jult 2010 Page 51
   MR sept 10
I looked at this photo four or five times, always a bit uneasy that something was wrong. Suddenly it jumped right out and slapped me in the face. See if you can find the issue.   Hint1 (select the following to see): What does a push brace do?   Hint2:  Click here
This one jumped right out at me, but I am old enough to have done and seen many things in my life. See if you can find the more obvious oops in this scene.
Hint: Water is a liquid.
City Scene 09

This is harder to find, probably becasue of its size and the amount of detail in the scene.
Hint: It's an uplifting thing.

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