The Saint Remy & Atkarton Railroad Co.

Incorporated January 2006 

Serving the communities of Saint Remy, Atkarton, Rifton, Eddyville and the greater township of Esopus.

With direct connections to the Ulster & Delaware, Walkill Valley and New York Central West Shore lines.

Connection via Kingston Station to the New York, Ontario and Western railroad

Track plan - Main line
 Rev 4.0

Track Plan - Mountain  
Rev 3.1

Connection Diagram - (75% complete)
Main Yard Space Rev. 2.0
Modeling Tips & Techniques

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Pre - Construction
Track - Main
Track - Mountain
Flatland Industry
Scenery - Misc.
Atkarton Clove
Black Creek
The Three Seasons
Coxing Stone Works
Kaufmann Farm
U&D Interchange
Greenkill Burying Gnd.
Eddyville Quarry
The Town of Saint Remy
Dug Hill
Prototype Photos Cheap and Dirty Video Other Layouts

This web site was created to help me to remember just how I did all of this and to show a few cool photos of parts of the layout. It is for my own use but other modelers are very welcome to browse and, hopefully, be inspired with some new idea or technique.

Well, I have a few of the sub-pages up. The web site and the layout will be under construction for a long time. I will post new pieces as time permits and the layout progresses. Thank you for looking.

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