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Trackwork Tips and Techniques

Installing a Mountain Trestle    March - April, 2009

Structolite 1    
Hidden track runs under this area. The Plywood box hides it. After I painted the backdrop, I glued lichen covered in ground foam to the backdrop.
The first layer of structolite is in place. It is only designed to come up to the center bents to hide the box. This is a test fit for the trestle. It is also to measure for additional mountain side at each end.
  Bottom of bents
More rock  
I made a step on the base plates of the trestle. This allowed over half to rest on the plywood box but the rest to extend below its front edge onto the "rock".
I applied a second coat of structolite according to my measurements. With the trestle removed, you can see where the base plates extend into the "dirt".
  More paint
  adding flora  
Another coat of paint in earth color
Sprinkle on a few shades and textures of ground foam over the wet paint.
Test Fit two
Gluing it into place
This is the second test fit. I still need to create the left hand mountain edge. I also have to paint in some rock faces and add greenery and a stream (at the center).
This is how I held the trestle in place while the glue dried. There is more stone at the left hand side, additional bushes and a stream.
The right hand side is purposly missing some stone.
tie arrangement
first Train
I left out every eleventh tie on the top of the trestle. Then I removed sets of nine ties from a length of Atlas code 83 flextrack. I glued it in place with CA glue. After a bit of paint and weathering only the slightly shorter length is visible.
This is the first train to test the trestle. The trip went flawlessly.
On the previous image, the remaining ties were to more easily keep the gauge correct, and I did use a track gauge to align everything.
Showing Patch
Support Beam
Notice the H-beam repair to a washout under the righthand bent.
Well, it was faster and easier than pouring concrete along the busy main line.
Two trains
Ulster & Delaware Train
So close, yet miles apart.
In the upper Catskills.

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