The Saint Remy & Atkarton Railroad Co.

Incorporated January 2006 - Celebrating our Second Birthday

Trackwork Tips and Techniques

Feeder installation

  Punch hole through the foam
Drill the Plywood  
Punch out the foamboard with a leather punch
Drill the plywood substrate using a board stop to prevent damaging the foam when the bit breaks through. I use a 1/4" or 3/16" bit. 1/2" For tortoise wire.
Feeder Attachment
Double Check Position
Attaching feeders to bottom of track. 18 ga bell wire.
Double check the placement, then glue down the track
Track in place
Bottom View
Yes, this is from a different area. I wanted to show several feeders
Feeders drops viewed from the underside of the layour

Making Shinohara turnouts more electrically "friendly"

Removing Points
Removing Points
Cut rivet with abrasive point
Remove points then throwbar
PC Board Throwbar
Gap it
Install PC board Throwbar. Yes this one is too short.
Solder points to throwbar and gap the center
Add jumpers
Feed Frog
Solder in jumpers to the stock rails (not the moving points!)
Feed the frog (it might get hungry)
Gap Frog
Gap both ends past the frog. Fill with scrap styrene or epoxy. File to match rails.
Tape under the throwbar and glue the turnout down. Ballast when ready.

Under Track Magnets

Under track rare earth magnets

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