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Esopus - Endnotes

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1 Loose extrapolation from Jones Patent division. 20 Houses and 1 school in SE 1/5th of town in 1784. Average household at 7.4 yields: 20 * 5 * 7.4 = 740 inhabitants.
2 Ulster County Legislative Manuals 1898, 1934 and 1967
3 Fiske – p60 et al.
4 24 Jun2 1682. See Fried The Early History of Kingston page 81
5 Permission to purchase from the Indians was granted January 12th 1681. Deed completed in 1682 from the “Osoopus Savages” 2/629.
6 Deed C/440
7 Washington marched his troops northward along what is now Route 32 in Rosendale NOT 9W in Esopus. They were half a day too late.
8 Ulster County Archives
9 History of Ulster County New York – Sylvester Section II page 110 et al.
10 Sojourner Truth – Slave Prophet Legend 1993 Carlton Mabie and Susan Newhouse
11 US Postal Service Ledger Page 371, 537
12 Certificate of Incorporation UC Clerk Box 3-77 et. al. The corporation owned three steamboats in 1888: The Ettie Wright, the Charles A, Shultz, and the Eltinge Anderson.
13 Each person could sign only one petition per district each year. A brief study of these petitions shows some of the same names appearing on petitions in several jurisdictions.
14 3/413
15 4/110
16 Maine Antique Digest July 1996
17 Minutes of the Board of Supervisors. Petition for payment for lands taken from Freer farm for new road. Ulster County Archives.
18 Coalboats to Tidewater
19 His actual signature was Dimond, not Diamond as it is commonly misspelled.
20 Several bridges of the Town Lattice style can be seen spanning the creeks west of Concord New Hampshire. Most are open to foot traffic.
21 Ulster County Archives road petitions twelve folder box. Petition and notice from Freer to Van Aken for damages in building road to the bridge.
22 Ulster County Hall of Records
23 Beers commemorative Biographical Record
24 U.S. Topographical map “Kingston West” 1980
25 Sylvester’s History of Ulster County
26 1891 Hudson River Atlas
27 Ferryman licenses Ulster County Archives
28 These same rates would have been posted on a large 2 x 3 foot sign at the landings. Similar signs can be seen in the Museum of New Hampshire History in Concord, NH
29 Constructed in the 1820’s by James Perrine.
30 The B & J Arnold Cotton mill 1827/28, Dashville Custom and Flouring Mill 1830-5.
31 Melody Savage US Postal Service Research Associate September 07, 1999.
32 1978 Ulster County Directory
33 See page 23
34 See the house on page 78
35 1853 Map of Ulster County
36 Census 1915 et al Town of Esopus
37 Sylvester’s History of Ulster County
38 1811 Highway list for Town of Esopus
39 Plate 21 Hudson River Atlas of 1891, Beers Biographical Record.
40 Brochure in Author’s collection
41 Proceedings of the Ulster County Historical Society 1945-1946
42 Deeds 69/472 et al.
43 UC Clerk Box 2-54
44 Exception to lot 47N George Eddy Deed. Also confirmation deed to Trustees 1816
45 Tax records for that year
46 The original was across from the Haines Blacksmith Shop ¼ mile south.
47 4/235 6 Nov 1804 one dollar
48 Census records and Mrs. Bea Jordan interview, grandmother 5 yrs old when they came to Saint Remy.
49 Mrs. Martin Jordan interview February 1993
50 57/182
51 Interview Mrs. Lydia Zerbst former owner
52 Census records 1875 Town of Esopus
53 1910 Tax List Town of Esopus
54 Katie Brandt interview
55 248/547, 302/496
56 Interview with Miss Isabell Krom. March 2003.
57 Ulster County census records
58 25 Feb 1860 110/650 et al $250
59 Interview with Mr. Martin Jordan, March 2003.
60 Spelling from Surrogate’s Court of Ulster County – the estate of Dimick.
61 Scorch - (Informal) To drive or ride very fast. (Over 6 miles per hour in this instance)
62 Maple Lanes and The Town of Esopus Story
63 1790 Census
64 Interview with Mr. Martin Jordan, March 2003.
65 In house document dated May 15th 1924.
66 Dimick estate papers from a private collection.
67 Interview with Mr. Roesner Wheeler February 2003
68 Growing up in Tillson
69 Ibid estate papers
70 1924 United States Geographical Survey topographical map
71 Interviews with several “old timers”. It was true. In 1979 one of the authors shared half a bottle of carefully preserved Rifton Applejack with Mr. Samuel Carman. It was simply the best whiskey ever made. Smooth as silk, tasty and quite a kick.
72 Court documents filed with Ulster County Clerk
73 Interview with Mr. Martin Jordan (Duke’s son) February 2003
74 Interview with Mr. Roesner Wheeler February 2003
75 Honorary Life member of Hasbrouck Engine Co. #1 of Connelly; Bob Scherer ---“Boyhood Memories of South Rondout” ).
76 Assorted papers Ulster County Archives
77 Rear of postcard says “fourth anniversary” and is postmarked 1937.
78 Ulster County Corporation & land records. Also Treasure Tales of the Shawangunks and Catskills by Harold Harris 1998 ISBN 0-966-4631-0-2
79 They Also Ran by Irving Stone 1943 Doubleday
80 NYS Consolidated Laws – Article 2 Section 2 Public Lands.
81 Beginning in 1891
82 Deed from J. Clyne Frost, Hawley Krom et al Trustees of the Redmen 653/114
83 Further Details forthcoming
84 A small wooden or metal spout for drawing off sap from the sugar maple. World Book Dictionary (Unabridged)
85 From Florence Prehn - The Town of Esopus Historian

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