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A fine local history
, February 29, 2004  (Barnes &

Reviewer: Geoffrey Megargee from Arlington, VA United States
(Note: Doctor Megargee is a professional Historian and Researcher)
Karl and Sue Wick have combined a fascinating collection of original photographs with clear, accurate explanatory text to provide a rich set of insights into the people and places of Esopus. The book lets us see what life has been like for four centuries and more in a land of farmers, ice cutters, bootleggers, philosophers, politicians, and ordinary folk of every other description. Along the way it illuminates the varied contributions of Native Americans, Dutch, English, Germans, African Americans and all the other peoples who have created the story of Esopus. The style is lively and engaging, the information enlightening. This book is both a fun read and a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in the past.


(February 2004) From Dorothy Gruner - Former Town of Lloyd Historian

When I began my day this morning I had a list of things I planned to get done today ... one of them was to go to and order your book.  Since I have borrowed the one you were so kind as to give our St. Remy Church as a gift, and just hadn't had the time to sit down and enjoy it, decided I should purchase one so I could return the one belonging to the church. 

When I arrived at and did my search, it didn't produce your book, so decided to do an advanced search and opened the book in the front to get the necessary information to enter -- which also exposed me to the index in the front --
saw St. Remy  -- opened to that area -- and here it is afternoon and I haven't managed to get away from this book since!  I didn't find that it could be ordered on, but when I reached the back of your book, it sent me to your website to see the additional pictures that wouldn't fit in the book -- which also listed local people who have your book for sale (which I will check out!)

       This book is a treasure!  I could go on and on and on, but it truly is a special treasure.  I LOVED it.  Thanks for turning my day from "all work" to "all play"!!

Polly Marcotte        (15 Jan 2004)

It's very interesting, great work both of you. Hildegard

"About Town" Winter 2003-2004 Edition has a four column review, interview and excerpt by Traci Kohn. It is too large to reproduce in full here, but begins:

    "New on the historical literary front is a lovely pictorial entitled Esopus: Images of America by Karl R. and Susan B. Wick. Both are natives to the mid-hudson valley --- Karl was born and raised in St. Remy and lives a few houses away from the home he grew up in. (Hilltop House - also in the book); Sue is an Esopus Lenape Indian and has lived here her whole life. Approximately half of the book's photographs are from the authors' collection; about twenty percent came from a couple who live down the street from Karl & Sue (they handed them at least 300 photos they had collected over their lives in the Hudson Valley and said, 'just give them back when you're done.');  the remaining photos were donated [by others] or [a few] taken by Karl [or Sue]. "

Iinformation about the newspaper can be found at  Ask for Traci or Joed.


Karl & Sue,

   Hope all is well. The book is exceptional ! In terms of photograph selection, as well as written text, the book filled in many gaps of the historical evolution of the area. The chapter on "Bridging the Towns" as well as the photographs of Diamonds [sic] Pond had the most powerful effect on me.

    The photos enable the reader to appreciate the enormous efforts involved in ice harvesting and bridge construction.
The photographs on pages 27 - 33 are most intriguing. My friend Kristie, who lived in my house the 11 years prior to me, found the photo on page 27 to be most revealing. Kristie keyed into the fact that the house, in earlier days, was quite literally situated on the banks of the Rondout, lying low to the ground in an "almost" valley setting between the bluff across 213 and the bluff adjacent to the driveway. If one looks closely at this photo and the photo on the top of page 31, the peak of what appears to be a Dutch barn is evident beyond the house. This in conjunction with the photo on the bottom of pg 44, leads me to believe a Dutch barn may very well have existed opposite the house on New Salem Road.

    One of many questions to you is, do you have any knowledge of the existence of a Dutch barn in that area?

    Anyway, the purpose of this e-mail was to thank you as well as congratulate you on an excellent perspective of the area, which truly conveys your passion & countless hours of research. As you can imagine both Kristie & I have quite a few questions & comments regarding the book. Hopefully we can arrange to get together in the coming weeks. I will be in contact with you soon. Thanks again for a great book !

John Zerbo

This is wonderful. I skimmed it halfway through the first night and finished it the next morning. Now I am re-reading it in detail and savoring each word. I was so excited that I skipped right over the dedication the first time through.
(October 2003)

The more I look at your book, the more I appreciate the research and thought that went into it. It needed "doing" & you two "dood" it! I'm so very proud of you. . . . (personal comments)  . . .   That's why you took me off my feet when you gave me the book. I was so pleased that it was done.
(December, 2003)

[Authors' Note: You've been one of our best and best loved inspirations, Dot.]

Dot Dumond former Town of Esopus Historian

____Images of America Esopus
By Karl & Susan Wick. Truly a treat to see another in the series (the Saugerties one is a great too!) so well done. 128 pages of over 200 b&w photos from the authors' private collection, combined with items secreted away in other collections for many years, to bring together the story of this remarkable little community. Presidents, millionaires, the United Nations [Authors' Note: The United Nations at Esopus will be covered in detail in the sequel], John Burroughs, and scads of colorful locals all figure in the history of this Ulster County town along the Hudson. With footnotes. 

 Hope Farm Press - Richard Frisbee

Dear Karl and Susan,

                Wow! Am I impressed! I got the preview copy of your book this morning at the Hudson Valley Book Shop and have only skimmed but I think it's wonderful. More scholarly than the others of the series I've read and something I'll be spending a lot of time with. You found some great pictures. Some of the (other) images books seem to be little more than a collection of vintage postcards.

                Congratulations! I'll be bringing my copy in for the authors' autographs!

Regards  - 
Shirley Harder

4 out of 5 stars
Pleasantly Surprised
I purchased this book half expecting it to be the usual formula book but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very well researched (it even has footnotes) and contained a satisfying amount of previously unpublished information. Esopus fills in many of the gaps left by the previous town history book. It's biggest problem is that the format is too short to cover Esopus completely. Maybe this is planned to be to part of a two volume set?   [Authors' Note: Actually it is. We had to cut so much material to fit the format that we have a good start on a sequel!]

Barnes & Noble Web Site, review by  "a descendent of Esopus settlers", October 31, 2003

Dick reading the book
A Big thank you to you,
and my congratulations on a fine
piece of print. Such a beautiful book
and so well "folk oriented" with
local history and knowledge,  indeed
a work of art and education. Again
congrats and thanks for so timely
a gift. Everyone who sees it wants it
and I give them the info. I hope they all
send for the Book.  
Fond Regards Dick Wms.

Two Dollar Bill with inscription from Floyd Glinert

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