Esopus - Additional Photos 

Eddyville Bridge Construction
Freer Mill Millstone Long View
1912 Eddyville Bridge, with Eddyville Church in Background
The resting place of one of the Freer Mill bottom millstones
Old Schoolhouse Day 1987
Michael Garrity at Rifton Cemetery
Old Schoolhouse Day at the Anna Devine School
Michael Garrity makes a tombstone rubbing at Perrine's Cem.
Hicks House - New Salem 1923
Map of Fly Mtn Park dock
Hick's House in Freerville October 7th, 1923.
Map of the dock area of Fly Mountain Park 1871
Fly Mtn Park 1926

Fly Mountain Park on Haber's Hill January 1926
Winter Scene New Salem Jan 13th 1931. Freer Mill at left.

Ice Marking and Plowing on Dimond's Pond January 3rd 1924
Ice Harvesting on Dimonds Pond near the elevator Jan 3, 1924
Van Aken Store

Samuel T. VanAken's Store in Ulster Park ca 1916
Alonzo Cole of Ulster Park, N.Y., is busy even though 93 years of age.  These first spring days he is so delighted to get out of the house that he is sharpening up all the farm tools ready for a busy season. Son Monty is furnishing the power.
Original Photo and Captain - Keystone View Co.      1910

Rifton Post Office
Presidential Candidate Alton Brooks Parker at "Rosemont" at Esopus on the Hudson as featured in Harpers Weekly in 1904.
The Riverview Hotel and the Post Office, Rifton NY ca 1910.

The Mailman Visits Ulster Park
The "Ulster Park Rest". Later named "Rennies"

Distant View of Rifton
West Park Post Office

The Road to the Sleightsburg Ferry from Port Ewen
Polhemus Orchards Tea Room in Port Ewen. We miss you Mary!

Alton Brooks Parker at his desk at Rosemont on the Hudson
Alton Brooks Parker on Campaign

Esopus FD Truck and unknown member ca 1940. If you know him, please email us.
The Saint Remy gates at the road to the mansion in 1910. The walls are still there but they have been pointed with cement. The tops of the pillars have been changed at least twice.

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