Kingston and Ulster Townships


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Kingston Times Review 23 July, 2009

KT Review

Kingston Community Radio interview

(4.2 Megabytes low quality audio.  Either click and wait or right click and "save target".)

Kaatskill Life Magazine review Spring 2010 Issue

Kaatskill life page 1 Kaatskill Life Page 2

True about the reference map. No room for it in the book so we've posted one (a historical one) on this site under "Additional". - The Authors

WDPH Interview 18 August, 2010     

Ads have been removed for your listening enjoyment. Please listen to the Coop and Mulrooney morning show on WPDH 101.5 FM.   Those guys are a blast, and unexpectedly gracious too.

The discussion "off mic" was just as good but we weren't able to tape that part - that's probably a good thing.

The links below go to high quality files that are rather large - dialup users beware!  The links 'should' open in a new (and visually boring) window.

Part 1  6:50AM - 7:00AM 5.8 MBytes
Part 2  7:00AM - 7:15AM 9.5 MBytes
Part 3  7:15AM - 7:30AM 12.1 MBytes