Kingston and Ulster Townships


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Kgn 1875

Above is an 1875 Atlas of the Town of Kingston (Ulster had not yet been incorporated). Kingston Township encompassed the recently formed City by the same name. (Courtesy of Donald Briggs)

Mutton Hollow Covered Bridge
Page 44:  The last wooden bridge over the Esopus creek in Mutton Hollow ca 1895. This Bridge crossed near the end of Frog Alley in Kingston and dates from the early to mid 1800s.   (Rejected by publisher).
Ulster Hose No 5
Page 92: On January 6, 1945 Ulster Hose Company No.5 purchased a 1936 Chevy Truck from Phelan & Cahill for $200.  A 275 gallon oil tank was cleaned and mounted on the truck along with a portable pump and several lengths of 1-1/2 inch hose. The driver is Charles Thiel. The men (left to right) are: John Osterhoudt, William Pratt, LeRoy Boice, Joseph McNierney, William Harbig, Albert Kiersted, unknown, William Lamb, unknown. (Courtesy of Town of Ulster Historian)  
(Rejected by publisher)
Stoney Hollow1
Page 181: Sadly, there appear to be no photographs of the Stony Hollow railroad station. There is however, an Edison movie showing the station. We know from Peter Sinclair that the station was painted a cream color circa 1900 . The photo above was captured by John Ham – author of several wonderful books about the Ulster & Delaware – from the movie as is the next image showing the road viaduct over the tracks. Both are used with permission. (Rejected by publisher)
Stony Hollow2
Page 181: The viaduct was built in 1913, probably as a part of the Ashokan reservoir project. It allowed slow moving construction vehicles to pass over the rails without interference of either by the other. Stony Hollow still exists. While most of the buildings in the image are gone, other nice old structures are still to be found in the environs. These include the Madden house cared for by Peter Sinclair and the Society for Hudson Vernacular Architecture. (
 The overpass was removed in the late 1980s after the railroad discontinued service. The grade crossing was restored at that time by the Catskill Mountain Railroad preservation group. The author recalls driving this route many times during his childhood.  (Photo rejected by publisher)
The Saugerties Road
Page 205: The Saugerties road at the West Shore & Buffalo railroad crossing ca 1895. This area is completely unrecognizable today. (Rejected by publisher)

Bernard Rober
The Siemsens
Bernard Rober Town of Kingston Hero. Born 01 March, 1900, died 23 January 1919 of pneumonia. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
Marie and Harry Siemsen 1953 standing in front of Thendara Farm House. Harry was very active in the town of Kingston, serving as Historian for many years. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
foot br
The Sawkill foot bridge, built by residents and contractors after the County removed the highway bridge for replacement. It was the only way over the creek for many months. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
The Gallis Hill Tower (Former Fire Tower) ca. 1948 (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
Orville Norman
Ruby Ball Team
Orville Norman - Town of Ulster Fixture, past council member and radio personality. 1980 Under Arrest for the Lions Club fundraiser.
The Ruby ball team in 1923 at the Gallis Hill tower. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)

new bridge
The new Sawkill brigde finally begins to take shape. The steps at the right lead down to the temporary foot bridge.
Read all about the the Town of Kingston Offices. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
A typical 1920s bread wagon. Salzmann's Bakery at 101 Abeel Street City of Kingston (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
Some of the results of the great flood of  [year?] in Sawkill (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
civil defense
April 6th 1960. The graduating class of the Civilian Defense first aid course taught by Joan and Betty Burton.
Front: Joan Burton R.N.,  C.D. Arnold of Ulster County Civilian Defense Staff - guest, Betty Burton R.N., Center: Ann Ferrigan, Grace Joy, Ann McGinnis, Elenor Leedecke, Margaret Ferguson, Jan Dent.  Rear: Evelyn Tyler, Sophie Port, Joan Dolan, Sally Seaver, Marie Siemsen.  (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
Florence Herrlich Schmid (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
High Woods Ball Team 1914
The High Woods ball team in 1914. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
Mowing Hay 1945
Ed. Winchell's team mowing hay in 1945. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
polling place
In 1879 the private home of the widow of Partick Burke on Hallahans Hill was used as one of the four polling places for the Town of Kingston.
This is where part of the election riots that caused the sundering of the town that same year took place. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
Francis Charlton
Frances Charlton in 1922. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
This is an early image of the Bonesteel quarry. Probably ca 1900. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
The Ledges 1952
... and a 1952 image of the Ledge quarry still in use making curbstone. (Courtesy Town of Kingston)
3rd Eddyville Bridge
The third (first Iron) Eddyville bridge ca. 1890.     Notice the man standing on the stone wall at rear center.
Vince DeLuca
The young Man sitting on the roof the this 1927 Model T Ford
is Vince DeLuca. His father is holding him.
Tiano Store
Tiano's Store was the title of this photo. It may be in East Kingston.  Courtesy of Pat Clausi.
Does anyone know the date or exact location?
license plate
Leggs Mill Road Bridge Covered Bridge over Plattekill Creek
The "New Bridge" at Leggs Mill Road Covered Bridge over Plattekill Creek. Courtesy Town of Kingston
John D. Schoonmaker Tubboat
The John D. Schoonmaker - We are seeking a better photo.

Pasters and Ministers

(Courtesy Virginia Legg)

The first Reverend Overbaugh of Flatbush
The Second Reverend Overbaugh of Flatbush
Reverend Merritt of Glenerie
Pastor of the Plattekill Church

Some School Class Photos


Jockey Hill School Picnic 1914
F (L-R): Mary Donaldson, Bessie Obermeyer, Mary Dwyer, Maggie Donaldson, Mary Donaldson, Mary Canty, Mary O'Brien, Gertrude Ken, Victory? Dunn
R (L-R): Oscar Smith, Lou Ken, Pat Donaldson, John O'Brine (sic), Ernest Smith, Jim Howard, Alfred Bonesteel,  John McCaffery

Dutch Hill School 1910: School District No 14 was formed from part of District No. 5 on Jan 30th, 1872. After the town was reorganized it was renumbered District 2. The school was discontinued on June 30, 1917 and the district dissolved on September 20, 1921. The school was torn down and the lumber used to construct a small house in Stony Hollow.  Appearing (L-R) are: Mrs. Coughlin (teacher, George Fritsimmons (sic), Bessie Howard, Loretta MacDonald, Edward MacDonald, Ted Humphry, Marie Fritsimmon, three chirildren of the Bell family and unknown child.

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