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Misc Thoughts about Computer Hardware and Software

If you are considering the purchase of a Microtek document scanner. STOP!

Contact me first and I'll tell you all about my expensive horror story with these people(?). Better yet, try to call their long distance technical support phone at 310-297-5100 at any time and you'll see part of the problem. The telephone company must love these people. As for e-mail support, they rarely answer and when they do it's to tell you to call on the telephone. Need to know more? Then drop me a line.

I finally solved the problem myself after three weeks of fruitlessly trying to get direction from Microtek. The few times that they actually answered my e-mail, they were courteous if not particularly helpful. One of their technicians was kind enough to send a proprietary SCSI card which solved some of the problems. I dealt with the rest by changing my video driver (of all things).

Now that it's working, this "Scanmaker E6 Pro" is a very nice unit; quiet, not too slow, and has excellent color rendition. The OCR program supplied with it however, (Caere's Omni Page) is marginal at best. It has trouble recognizing even typed characters and, when scanning a multi- columned document or table to Word Perfect, it loses the columns and creates a mish-mash all over the page. Oh well, at least the Adobe Photoshop Rev 3 is a dynamite program. It's great, and should be for the amount that it costs.


Required Hardware

IOMEGA ZIP DRIVE - Parallel Port Version

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