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At Hilltop Electric we do every type of wiring. You can become wired too!
We have a varied and extensive customer base

Antique Houses

One of our specialties at Hilltop Electric is antique houses. These, of course, include seventeenth and eighteenth century stone houses. Some of these are: Many of our clients own houses built in the nineteenth century. They are far too numerous to list here. Let it suffice to say that building styles changed radically around 1810, 1850, and 1875. We know all of these styles very well and no one is better at finding their "secret passages".

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Large Homes

Larger homes are no problem for our technicians. We maintain systems in homes of all sizes. Here are three examples:

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Commercial Clients

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Public Safety and Government Customers

At Hilltop Electric we provide services to several Fire Departments. Our technicians are volunteer firefighters and fifty percent of them are present or past Fire Chiefs. We know first hand the unique problems faced by the volunteer fire service. At Hilltop Electric all sorts of electrical installations and repairs for both the stations and the vehicles are second nature: We customize all of our installations to meet your needs and to exceed applicable code requirements.

Our municipal clients include the Town Of Esopus and the Ulster County Resource Recovery
Agency. (For whom we repaired the control circuitry in their tub grinder after everyone else said it couldn't be done.)

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