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Wicks Radio Service 1945-1955 Hilltop Service Center 1956-1964 Hilltop Electric 1965-Present

The following information is taken from a scrapbook created by Horst W. F. Wick in 1960.

The original wording has been retained for historical accuracy

The Hilltop Service Center of today evolved after 16 years of electronic service beginning back in the days of Stromberg-Carlson high Boys and Majestic Consoles ...
in a cold water flat at 363 E, 157th Street, Bronx, N.Y. under the name "Wick's Radio Service"
By 1949 Wick's Radio Service had the distinction of having the first 10" television in a five block area where, after much study of this new and mysterious creature, together with many moonlight study sessions with TV textbooks we became "Wick's Radio & Television Service" ...

serving the Bronx and Manhattan area until late 1955

Our first fringe area antenna installation. Jewitt City, Connecticut in 1952

In July of 1956, by truck car and pack mule, "Wick's Radio & TV moved to it's new temporary location in Ulster County. By December of 1957 the delightful conclusion was reached, that even in Ulster County, Radio and TV service is sometimes in demand. Actually by September of 1958 we found ourselves sadly in need of "Lebensraum" to efficiently answer the needs of our ever increasing roster of patrons.

In June of 1959, ground breaking ceremonies had begun, leaving us with the ray of hope that this barren piece of St. Remy mountain would ...

... some day sprout forth ...

something usefull.

Now you have a choice to make:

Hilltop Electric

In 1965 another dimension was added to the Hilltop site. This dimension came in the form of electrical wiring for residential and commercial structures and was provided by master electrician Walter Kaufmann. It was thus that a complete electric/electronic service facility was born.

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