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Hilltop Electric

Hilltop Electric is a family business, founded in 1957 under the name of Hilltop Service Center by my father. I began to work part time in the business at the age of ten by repairing radios.

We are one of the few electrical contracting firms capable of dealing with all phases of electronics, including control systems.

We handle all types of electrical installations and repairs, from changing a light bulb to installing large industrial services. House wiring is one of our major fields, with antique houses a specialty. We have rewired the Colonel Payne Mansion in Esopus, NY (The largest mansion on the Hudson River), maintain the Judge Alton B. Parker Mansion, and count among our customers many old stone houses.

Image of Payne Mansion

On the electronics end of the spectrum, we do repairs and installations of all types of equipment from VCRs to computers. We can help you install and configure hardware and software, we do some custom programming, and of course, home pages! We have already won two awards, including the "Pride of Ulster County" award, for this enjoyable endeavor. Last but not least, we also conduct educational sessions for local industry.

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