Welcome to the 2004 Hurley School Reunion

These pages are intended to be a simple collection of reunion photos taken at Twin Lakes on Saturday August 14th, 2004. We also expect to have a copy of the alumni data form that attendees filled out.

In deference to those of us with slow internet connections, there will be no fancy coding or java on these pages - just lots of pictures with formatting to be added later. Please ignore the mess and enjoy the reminisences.

What rules? We want to have fun!

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Hurley Little League All Stars. (Unknown year).

Grade 5 - 1958

Karen's Photo - Info anyone?

Karen Grade 5 ?

6th grade photo of the Last 7th grade to graduate Hurley (1959)

[poor original]
Last 7th grade

Photos courtesy of Karen Cudney

Top row: Joanie Miller, Ivan Pece, Doreen Lyke, Karen Cudney,
?, Chris Britt at the piano, Jan Christensen and Jay Cudney in suspenders
Top row: Chris Britt (partial) Barbara Byrne, Doreen Lyke, Jan
Christensen, Karen Cudney,  Ivan Pece, Joanie Miller, Billy Egan.
Bottom row: Karen's cousin Kathy, Jay Cudney,Vernon Burger, Bev Johnson

 4 H
Part of the Hurley Happy Crickets 4-H
Seated Joann Harkins, Mary Schreiber, Lynne Charlton, Christine Britt,
Standing Kathy Hart, Meredith Teneyck. Carol Nicolas, Doreen Lyke

Photos - by Susan (Briggs) and Karl Wick

Photos - by Doreen Lyke

Photos - by Alan & Mary Pederson

Photos - by Dee Baum

Photo and e-mail from Jan Christensen

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